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Level 1 (Elementary)
I can recognise and use familiar words and simple phrases for immediate and concrete purposes (e.g. Simple transactions). I can introduce myself/others and ask/answer simple questions about myself (family, hobbies, etc.) with very basic phrases. I can communicate in a very basic way if the person speaks slowly and clearly.

Level 2 (Upper Elementary)
I can understand phrases and the highest frequency vocabulary related to areas of most immediate personal relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, employment, hobbies). I can communicate/describe in simple terms aspects of my background, my immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need. I can handle very short social exchanges if the other person is very cooperative.

Level 3 (Intermediate)
I can understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar subjects related to work, school, leisure activities, etc. I can deal with most situations likely to arise when travelling in a region where French is spoken. I can enter unprepared into conversations on topics that are familiar, narrate an event or an experience and briefly give reasons and explanations for projects and ideas.

Level 4 (Upper Intermediate)
I can use French in a clear and detailed way on a wide number of subjects, express an opinion on current affairs, give advantages and disadvantages of various options. I can interact with a good degree of fluency and spontaneity with a native speaker and take an active part in discussion in familiar contexts.

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